Yak Bee Kiean

Yak Bee Kiean

Speech Therapist


Bee Kiean graduated from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. She started working in the Singapore General Hospital where she was trained to treat people with Speech, Language, Voice and Fluency (stuttering) difficulties.

Bee Kiean enjoys treating children with Fluency, Speech and Language difficulties. She conducts group therapy treatments as well as one to one therapy sessions for preschool and school-age children. As a mother herself, Bee Kiean understands the struggles and stress of parents and caregivers. Therefore, through therapy, Bee Kiean aims to support the development and learning of both the child and their parents to achieve the best outcome possible at home and in school. Working with children is extremely rewarding to Bee Kiean. She firmly believes that every child has their own talents and strengths regardless their difficulties.

Bee Kiean’s clinical experience is not limited to children and adolescents. She also has vast experience in treating adult patients with speech, language and voice disorders, particularly after head and neck surgeries such as thyroidectomy, and partial glossectomy. Bee Kiean is also experience in speech and language therapy for adult patients post stroke, post-neurosurgery and those with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, and Motor Neuron Disease.  In 2008, Bee Kiean was invited to present at the 8th Singapore Stroke Conference. Through that experience, Bee Kiean realised how important it is to educated and share Speech Therapy related information with the general public and across medical disciplines. She believes that only with improved awareness of various Speech Therapy related disorders, then can it lead to early detection, more accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment. Since then, Bee Kiean had conducted various inservices to different medical disciplines within Singapore General Hospital, Fluency public forums, and Voice Care workshops to MOE teachers, Singapore Police Force and private companies. Her dedication to clinical care earned her Excellent Service Award twice.

Despite her wide clinical experience, Bee Kiean continues to improve and update herself with professional trainings and courses to ensure that she continues to deliver best clinical care for her patients.

Here are some of the courses that Bee Kiean is trained in:

  • Hanen
  • DIR Floortime
  • Parent and Children Together (PACT)
  • UQ PAL
  • The Lidcombe Program
  • The Camperdown Program
  • LSVT LOUD Program (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment)
  • Voicecraft


What patients say

Mother of Evelyn Lu (6 year old girl)

I am pleased to write this review and recommendation. We had a positive experience at magic beans feeding and speech therapy centre. My daughter attended speech therapy for almost a year when she was  in k2 and both the progress and experience we had was great. Miss Bee kiean’s individualized plan works well for my daughter. She is patient, friendly and always accommodates to our schedule. I would recommend this centre for anyone seeking to get their child speech services!


Mother of Oscar (4 year old son)

We have noticed Oscar having some speech problem (i.e. stuttering) when he was 4 years old. We were referred by a pediatrician to seek professional help and  we were then referred to Magic Beans.  We embarked on this journey together with Bee Kiean. In the beginning, Oscar stuttering was accompanied by some secondary behaviors such as eyes blinking and raised eyebrows. After numerous practice sessions at home and regular therapy sessions with Bee Kiean, Oscar’s speech problem improved and was kept under control. He is able to speak fluently now. Bee Kiean has been very patient and helpful throughout. For the practices done at home, both of us will calibrate and she will give detailed and clear feedback based on the videos sent to her. The therapy at the clinic was also conducted in a fun way and Oscar always looked forward to it. He enjoyed the games/toys played during the session. We are very happy with the results and we strongly recommend Bee Kiean to others.
Feeding & Swallowing Speech & Language
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