Feeding & Swallowing Assessment

Feeding & Swallowing Assessment

A Speech Therapist and/or Dietitian (if required) will assess your child or the adult’s feeding and swallowing.

During your first visit, we will:

  • Get detailed history of your child/adult’s medical condition, development and concerns.
  • Physical examination of your child/adult’s mouth and overall body movements.
  • Observe and assess your child/adult feeding on the food and drink that are normally offered at home
  • Observe and assess caregivers feeding your child or the adult.
  • Intervene to trial any strategies that may help with the feeding process.

You will be expected to bring along their bottle and milk, or drinks and usual food with their cup, straw, bottle and spoon. We will aim to observe how your child/adult typically feeds and/or drinks in the home environment.

At the end of the session, feeding recommendations and intervention will be discussed. Referrals to other professionals for additional assessments or therapy sessions may also be included. Initial assessments may vary between 60 to 90 minutes.

Feeding & Swallowing Speech & Language
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