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Drooling Remediation

Drooling Remediation

Drooling is normal for infants and very young children. Frequent drooling after the age of 2 years is usually uncommon. Drooling in adults who have suffered a stroke is also of concern, as it may also be a symptom of swallowing difficulties.

Treatment for drooling involves determining the cause of drooling itself. It may be a sensory difficulty, oro-motor difficulties or swallowing difficulties. For those with sensory difficulties, the speech therapist may have to increase sensory awareness of the child to their saliva. This will be done using behavioural methods or through play. For children with oro-motor difficulties, this may involve oro-motor exercises using food or non-food items to work on their jaw, tongue and lip strength. Parents will be taught how to carry out the exercises during the session.

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