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Myths and Red Flags of Fussy Eating

“Help! My child does not like to eat his vegetables! I have to hide it or blend it into his food”

“My child only eats white bread, noodles and biscuits. I’m worried that he is getting a balanced diet. What can I do?”

Does any of these sound familiar to you? Did you encounter such difficulties? These are common worries that our parents face at our feeding clinic. But when do you seek professional help? When is it normal?

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Eating only blended foods at 3? Why?

“My child has no difficulties speaking, yet, he has difficulties eating food!
I need to blend everything or make mashed foods. He gags the minute food is rough or has texture. He is already 3 years old! We rely a lot on milk for his main nutrition. He has no other medical condition.”

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