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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I or my child needs an assessment?

  • You can refer to this page for some signs to look out for that may indicate a need for an assessment.

Do you see adult patients?

  • We are able to see adults on a case by case basis. Please contact us and we can discuss on how we can help you.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to come for an assessment?

  • Although we have patients who are referred by their doctors, a doctor’s referral is not necessary. You can simply give us a call or email and we can arrange an assessment for you.

How long does an assessment take?

  • An assessment typically takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 min. In certain situations, a longer assessment or more than 1 assessment session may be needed. Your Speech Therapist will advise you accordingly. Click here for more information on the assessment process.

What happens after the assessment?

  • Towards the end of the assessment session, your Speech Therapist will discuss with you regarding his or her findings. Your speech therapist will discuss goals with you, to work out a therapy plan that address’s your child’s needs, the family needs, and what is realistic and appropriate.

How long does therapy take?

  • Every person is different, and it is difficult to determine how long his or her therapy process would be. After the assessment, your Speech Therapist will be able to discuss this in detail with you.

How long is each therapy session and how often can I attend sessions?

  • Each therapy session is typically 1 hour long. Your Speech Therapist will advise you if you or your child would benefit from a shorter or a longer session. Most of our patients are seen once a week. Your therapist will discuss with you the frequency of sessions that you feel comfortable with.

Can I be in my child’s therapy session?

  • For younger children, we strongly encourage parental involvement in the therapy process. This can mean being in the session and/or completion of home activities. Your Speech Therapist can discuss with your how you can best support your child’s progress.
  • For older children, for example those in older preschool years or in primary/secondary school, we advise that your child attends therapy on their own. Your Speech Therapist will welcome you to sit in towards the end of the session, to debrief and update you about your child’s progress and what follow-up maybe required.

Can I use Baby Bonus/CDA at Magic Beans?

  • We do not accept Baby Bonus/CDA at the moment.

What are your charges?

  • Please contact us and we can advise you accordingly.
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